Netflix is an amazing video streaming website.  With over 29 million subscribers, it brings great quality viewing entertainment for all ages and tastes in genre.  I personally am a member and a member of Sky, but Netflix still finds it’s way as my preferred method of watching TV.  For just £6 a month, there is a huge array of movies and TV series ready to watch, right now.  Constantly updated with more and more, you will literally never run out of things to watch!

A little while ago, Netflix announced that of the 29 million subscribers, more of them watch Netflix on Playstation than any other device!  Thats pretty awesome I have to say!  With Internet TVs, Ipads, Iphones and Laptops, there are so many ways to watch your favourite movies, yet Playstation remains on top!

With this alarming rate of Playstation/Netflix subscribers, it would be a sin not to review what I am currently watching.  With so much choice, its hard to pick what to watch, so I will provide some suggestions for what I liked, and of course, disliked.

Netflix have also started to produce more ‘Netflix Originals’ which is really exciting to see some innovation there.  I have seen them all, and I have to say, they certainly have an eye for great TV shows!

Keep it up Netflix!

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