20 things you didn’t know about PS4!


A lot has been said since the announcement of the PS4, handbags have been thrown, riots in the streets, Xbox this, PS4 that.  Even as a self confessed Sony Fanboy, I have to remain unbiased, and as an unbiased critic, I still conclude that the PS4 is rocking my world and the Xbox merely rocks my boat.

If you’ve been keeping track of the Playstation 4 news, there are always things you might have missed.  A list of 20 things you didn’t know about the PS4, 20 reasons to buy the PS4, 20 little anecdotes for you to ponder on.


1.  The dreaded XMB for the PS3 will be replaced with the much new and improved Playstation Dynamic Menu.  God, I hate the XMB, its the slowest, most unresponsive software that I have seen on such a mass market product.  But still, the PDM is a mixture between Windows 8, the Playstation Store and Facebook.  At this stage, I’d be happy to just have the ability to browse the internet!  Joking aside, it does look pretty cool.

2.  You can log onto any PS4 and access your games and other purchases without any restrictions!  This is helped greatly by the next point.

sony-gaikai-ps3-cloud-streaming3.  PS4 uses Gaikai, the cloud technology, which allows you to stream ‘the best Playstation Games.’  They also plan to add Legacy titles at a later date.  Being able to stream your games means that you can play them as you download them, which is pretty awesome!

4.  The PS4 comes complete with a 500GB HDD, which is also replaceable and upgradeable.

5.  You can nominate your PS4 as ‘the home computer’ so that your content is always available on that machine.

6.  The PS4 comes with a HDMI cable, so no more of that SCART rubbish!  We are in the High Definition era now guys!

7.  There is no region locking with the PS4, so that means that you can buy your games from America, before they are released in the UK.  Although this could bring continental release dates either a lot closer or even the same!

8.  Sony have announced Video Unlimited, their own video streaming service, will be available on Playstation!

ps4cam9.  The Playstation Camera can shoot in 3D and HD.

10. The Playstation Camera is equipped with 4 microphones to enhance sound detection and origination.

11.  Just like the Xbox One, you will be able to switch seamlessly and instantly between games and apps.

12.  Sony will release a smart phone app that will allow your Iphone or Android phone to be used as a second screen, alongside many other features such as watching your friends play online!

13.  The PS4 has cross game chat.

14.  The touch-pad on the PS4 is also a button!

15.  The PS4 has always-on video compression that records your game so you can share and upload (even in the background!)

16.  Updates, downloads now occur in the background, or in suspend mode.

17.  Suspend mode is like the ‘sleep’ button.  You can jump right back into the game, where you left off, instantly

18.  Playstation Plus memberships will carry over to PS4!

19.  Sony Pictures will broadcast exclusive content on the PS4!

20.  Last but not least!  There are over 140 titles in development for the PS4!  Thats a huge number already!

So there you have it, 20 great features of the PS4 that you probably didn’t know!  These are reasons alone why to buy the PS4, but of course there are so many more.

Welcome to the new generation

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