StarWars Battlefront 3

Back when I was a PC gamer, I spent hours upon hours playing the Starwars Battlefront Series, it was big, bold, action packed and had some great Star Wars elements that made the game different from similar games of its time such as Battlefield.  It has been 7 years since the last installment to the series, and finally, ‘Number 3’ has been announced!

LucasArts are well known for their StarWars and Indiana Jones games, but have revealed that this time, the game will be made by DICE at Electronic Arts.  DICE are well known in the FPS genre for their huge contender to Call of Duty, Battlefield.  Now we have all played Battlefield, and Battlefront was actually quite similar with its mechanics and gameplay, but DICE have promised that the new Battlefront wont just be another Battlefield with lasers and Storm Troopers.

With Battlefield 4 also in the pipeline, I find it hard to beleive that the new Star Wars will be much different, as presumably, they would just change the animations, the sprites and the maps, but a promise is a promise and I am expecting something different to both the Battlefield franchise and the original Star Wars Battlefront series.

I guess we can expect to see dynamic maps that break apart and blow up, teamed with Juggernaughts, X-Wings and the array of Star Wars characters that will be available.  Hopefully, just as Battlefront 2 allowed, you will be able to play as your favourite light sabre wielding punk and cut through enemies like butter!

Not a lot has actually been revealed yet, but with the new movie due out in 2015, I would expect the release date to be somewhere close to the film, although no official date has been announced.

But check out the trailer, let me know what you think, whatever the outcome that DICE decide to make, we know it will be awesome!

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