Possible PS4 Release Date?



Playstation recently released the above photo as a teaser with the caption ‘when worlds collide’, and with no real obvious connections to anything, it could only be hinting at a release date for the PS4.  It doesnt make sense to be marketing any upcoming games, especially as we will ‘see all’ at Gamescom in a few weeks.

As you can see, a solar eclipse is pictured, at first I thought it could be a Destiny teaser, but why would Playstation be releasing this instead of Bungie?  I scoured through several ideas on the internet and it just so happens that there is going to be a Solar Eclipse on November 3rd!  With a release date of November the 3rd, this gives enough time for Sony to ship out all their orders and to restock at least once, leaving the shortages that came with the PS2 and PS3, hopefully in the past…but there is no guarantee.

We can only speculate as to what ‘when worlds collide’ really means.  Possibly the PS4 vs Xbox One worlds colliding?  Our world and the gaming world?  Sony’s world and the real world?  Who knows, but if it is for a possible release date, I can guarantee a heavier approach to marketing within the coming weeks.


Stay Tuned


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