Gamestop sell out on ‘unlimited Pre-orders’

ps4-revealed-1-640x426After E3, Gamestop (North Americas largest retailer for consoles and games) announced they had been given the green light by Playstation to take an unlimited amount of preorders for the upcoming PS4.

Despite this, Gamestop announced a few days ago that they had ‘sold-out’ and would not be accepting any more pre-orders for the much anticipated next-gen console. Amazingly, they have no more golden tickets to issue to Playstation fans far and wide and the term ‘unlimited’ was clearly a short sighted term used by Playstation- or an advertising gimmick to show dominance in the market.

Either way, with Microsoft sending many fans over to the Playstation with what seems to be the wrong focuses for their console and a massive dent in pride after there infamous 180 on the DRM issues, the Playstation has sold out of its unlimited supply….apparently.


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