EA Games to cost £54.99


EA have announced that the price of their games for consoles will rise to £54.99 ‘to bring them in line with pricing for the rest of the world.’  Apparently, their games aren’t expensive enough, and titles such as Battlefield 4 are included to show a preorder price of £54.99 for Xbox One and PS4.

It will be interesting to see what other publishers decide to put their pricing at, will they remain competitive or follow suit?  It would be disappointing to see higher prices for games on the whole, but perhaps is a response to the whole DRM thing that has been in the media recently.  I think if this is going to be THE price for games then more and more of us will be flocking to trade in stores to buy our games anyway!

Despite this speculation, it could just be an attempt to get what they can out of the ‘Launch’ hype, I remember games being a little more expensive for PS3 when they first came out, but they soon found their level ground.

Of course we could just refuse to pay £54.99 per game, and if EA are the only ones to raise their prices, well, theres always Grand Theft Auto 5!


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