New lease of life for PS3?

PS3The PS4 is due for release later this year and no doubt, millions of PS3s will be traded in, sold or begin to gather dust in attics across the globe.  There has also been speculation about whether the new generation of console will sell as well as it should due to much anticipated titles being released on PS3 first, such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Splinter Cell, to name a couple.  With many blockbusters being announced for an earlier release than the new generation of console, it would only be safe to assume this to be true.  I suppose the question remains, ‘Would you rather play Grand Theft Auto 5 as soon as it comes out, or wait for PS4 release?’  I guess time will tell, as it stands, I would rather wait to see it on PS4, but then when it is released in September, there is no guarantee I can!

But this isn’t a post about Grand Theft Auto 5, a few days ago, South Korea’s government files show two newly registered model numbers for PS3, under CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C.  In September 2012, the super slim was launched, which is quite recent.  Now that there are possibilities for another version of the PS3, you can only wonder what Sony are planning for the future of the soon to be outdated console.

With the PS4 a matter of months away, it would seem a little late for the life of the PS3 to be extended, unless they are getting rid of old stock or possibly planning for it to continue production for a little while?  I guess the proof can only be in the pudding and only time will tell!


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