Gamescom 2013


In August, Gamescom will be held, once again, in Cologne, Germany.  Gamescom is considered one of the highlights of the year for game announcements and new material and this year will be just as significant.  Flocks in their thousands gather to get a sniff of the action, and Sony have something special in store…gamescom crowd

So far, Playstation have only announced that there will be 30 new titles, 20 to be released in the first year 12 of which being completely new IP.  They have shown glimpses of  what is to come, but so far the only new IP we have to have been announced are Destiny and New Order: 1866.  Although these are great games, it would seem that the only thing letting Playstation down at the moment are the lack of exclusive titles.

But not to worry, Sony have deliberately held back for ‘us Europeans’ and will show a full highlight reel of what is to come at Gamescom!

Already confirmed to attend this year are Bethesda Software, no doubt to show Elder Scrolls: Online, but possibly to discuss FallOut 4.  Also on the roster are DeepSilver, EA and Ubisoft, where I would expect to see more of Saints Row 4, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4, respectively, with additions from other flavours ‘The Big 2’ might be holding and not forgetting the catalogue of sports games.

gta5Rumoured to also attend are Rockstar with Grand Theft Auto V, which could mean a playable demo, especially as gameplay footage is to be released tomorrow (OFFICIAL).  Also rumoured is the next installment to probably the best First Person Shooter ever made, Halflife 3!

Sony are holding back hugely with their exclusive titles, but have told us that all will be revealed at Gamescom 2013.  It is going to be a groundbreaking year, especially with the new generation upon us, but if Halflife 3 becomes official…well lets just say, I will never need to play another game.


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