Playstation TV Trademarked!


At the very first Xbox One press release, it was clear that Microsoft wanted to capture the ‘family’ market.  They even said that they wanted to ‘create something that will combine all of your electronic needs into the One box’ (or something to that effect.)  The focus of the first announcement, something that they spent a lot of time to explain, was the TV function.  ‘You can watch TV,’  they said, ‘You can control the guide with your hands’ they said.

At E3, Playstation announced that there would be an on demand service for Sony Entertainment motion pictures, which included their huge range of films and TV series.  But a few days ago, they also trademarked ‘Playstation TV.’  Now, I know this isn’t an announcement, and sure, there are thousands of trademarks to have been registered and lay dormant, but this is a pretty rock solid hint towards what is to come.

Because Xbox has a TV function, it would seem Playstation are obligated to respond with something similar to keep up competition.  Who knows if this was an original idea that they had or a rapid response to battle the Microsoft virus that is Xbox One.  Whatever the answer, it looks as though PS4 will also have a TV function, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Xbox fans!


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