Final Fantasy 15 Update


Yes, yes Final Fantasy is the greatest franchise to have ever reached our Playstations! (You heard it here first.)

Since E3 lots of information has been released by Square Enix regarding the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 15, one piece being that this is the first installment to reach multi-platform.  Also for the first time, Final Fantasy 15 has  been announced as an Action-RPG instead of the traditional JRPG we all know and love.  There are many pros and cons of this, most based on a matter of opinion, but Square Enix have clearly changed the genre to reach a broader market, for instance many of my friends have never actually played Final Fantasy because they find the whole turn based concept, well, boring.  But for those that love it for what it is, embrace the turn based element and as I will, sorely miss it.

However, what is good about it now being an Action-RPG, are the limitless experiences you can now face whilst battling monsters!  Now that the new generation has long been announced, I think Square Enix have also changed its main focus because their idea of  ‘Action’ will be the textbook example of the word.  Just imagine pressing one button and casting Firaga on a group of Flan whilst slashing the hell out of a nearby Behemoth!  There will be so much to see from this installment, Square Enix are absolute pioneers in graphic capability and their visuals are second to none, and I cannot wait to see how they bring their awesome cinematics into real-time game play.

Despite my excitement, I wonder if this will be the death of the turn based battle system and I must say, the thought worries me.  With FF12 being a failure among critics, they clearly had to change their outlook on what the game will be in the future.

Check out the E3 trailer for starters!

And the battle system!

Of course I have to be unbiased as a critic.  But this is going to be my ‘Game Of The Year’ already!  There is nothing that will stop me buying this game.



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