Playstation Plus Releases July



A couple’ days ago, Playstation announce Julys Installments for the Instant Game Collection.  AND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG what pure gold we have this month!  Due for July 3rd, just as Playstation, I am proud to announce:

battlefield3 The first announcement was EA’s, I suppose, Call Of Duty rival, Battlefield 3.  This is a huge announcement and I’m sure you will all be happy to have a go!

For me, the multiplayer isn’t exactly COD.  But I think this is mainly due to the limitations to the number of players the ‘Battlefield’ can have which means the maps aren’t as populated, which means more running around, searching.  Battlefield 4 however, will showcase 64 players online, which is mind blowing!

However, the campaign is on another level.  The destruction of the map as you play each level is unseen in any other game.  Red Faction was the first to introduce this mechanic, but Battlefield certainly brings a new innovation to this.  No longer will hiding in a house protect you from a tank!  Watch out as you play!

paydaySecondly, comes Overkill Softwares, Payday: The Heist.  This is a game I haven’t played yet, but I have heard good things about it and is highly anticipated in the PS+ community!  You are in a team of bank robbers, robbing banks (obviously).  What is really unique about this game is it is an Online CoOp experience!  The maps are dynamic and the enemy reacts to your actions with its own tactics.  I will definitely be playing this and I will review it once I’ve had a chance to!

SAINTSROW3  The last installment for Playstation3 is Volition’s Saints Row: The Third.  Another huge announcement!  I’m sure you have played either 1 or 2 before or maybe even this ‘episode’.  The GTA style sandbox game is pretty much exactly what I said;  Grand Theft Auto.  The difference is character customisation and its more ‘jovial’ outlook of the concept.  For me, this just isn’t GTA, but it’s been a huge hit across all platforms and is therefore definitely worth a play!


Also available on PS Vita is Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, and as I have previously mentioned in another post, great game, but probably just as hard as Demon Souls, but still a great installment!

As you can see, Playstation  have announced three absolutely amazing games available for FREE to Playstation+ Subscribers….These games alone are worth the £11.99 for 3 months!  Sony have most certainly upped their game with IGC since Xbox announced they were to introduce their own version of the concept.  They have released over 10 new games, all absolute hits in the community already in the past month or so and we can only hope it will last.  I think as Xbox have said they will release two a month, I think Playstation will either match or beat it if not by quantity but with quality.  You can’t deny, even if you haven’t heard of Payday before, Battlefield 3 and Saints Row: The Third are widely known and shows good commitment from Playstation to its fans for the future.

So don’t be lame  Click Here And Sign Up!


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