Call Of Duty: Ghosts

codghosts box

Every year, around November time, the entire world goes crazy and spends their hard earned cash on what may be called the worlds greatest and most recognisable video game franchise of all time, barring Mario; Call Of Duty.

Yesterday, Activision and Infinity Ward announced the release date and some gameplay previews of their latest installment, Call Of Duty: Ghosts.  This was a huge pre-E3 announcement, and is something that has been on the forums since the name of the title was released.

Infinity Ward wanted to create a new series for the new generation and they said they wanted to put in more of an effort than to just release another Modern Warfare, and rightly so!

Ghosts is set after an unspecified global catastrophe and the USA is no longer considered a superpower.  As a result, the country is filled with ‘an unseen enemy’ (possibly a rebel power?) and it is the job of ‘The Ghosts’, a band of elite warriors who will battle the evil that now feels the world.

So with a new story, new characters, guns and most importantly to some, Multiplayer Maps, and of course the use of ‘Riley,’ the newly featured attack dog element, the possibilities are endless to what gamers could imagine the final product to be.   But on November the 5th, the world will know for sure as they will finally get to play in the comfort of their own homes!

Instead of explaining it, I think its best for you to just watch it, as words cannot describe how cool this looks!


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