Metal Gear Sutherland

The new Metal Gear Solid was confirmed for a PS4 release a long while ago, but today, the actor playing the role of Snake has been revealed.  This time around is hit TV series legend, Keifer Sutherland, most commonly known for his role as Jack Bauer in 24.

This is a great choice in my eyes, he has the deep sort of husky voice that Snake has usually carried and his acting ability has clearly been proved.  

So what else have we been told about Metal Gear Solid 5?   Well its clear from the screenshots that facial expressions and ‘real looking’ faces have been implemented to a high standard, which for me will only improve the authenticness of the story. Hideo Kojima has announced the story line to tackle dark topics such as ‘race and revenge.’   Set in 1984, we are told that the game will be more open world than its linear predecessors, but I imagine more will be revealed at E3

E3 IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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