Final Fantasy Lightning Returns

There were many pre-E3 press releases today.  One of which being Square Enix’s new installment to the Final Fantasy franchise; Lightning Returns.  However, Square Enix have announce a delay for the game, and it will be released February 11th.

I have to admit, although I am FF’s biggest fan, I am a little skeptic about this game.  FF13 wasn’t exactly the greatest volume of the series, but when a trilogy was announced,  I gulped at the thought we would have to put up with this forever.  FF13-2 was good, but was a little short for me and felt more like a lazy effort than a regular Final Fantasy game which was a little disappointing.   The reason I am skeptic about the 3rd installment is because it has been announced that Lightning will be the only playable character in the game.  Why is this bad?  For me, I loved the relationships between the characters and it’s party based battles, were for me, what made Final Fantasy what it is.  Now obviously Lightning wont be the only character in the game full-stop, but its true that this story may not be quite the love story the majority of the previous have been.  But then, it is based in an imminently apocalyptic world, so there’s probably not that much time for that sort of thing anyway. 

On the plus side, the world will be on a constant move and whether the player be in the area or not, events will unfold across Gran Pulse and Valhalla affecting the game play and story and the essence of time will be an important one.

Also newly announce is the use of Lightnings ability to change costume which will in turn change her skills.  There are over 20 costumes to change into, so it will be interesting to see what exactly the skills will be.

Even though I have my doubts, Motomu Toriyama, the director, has promised the game will be ‘the most complete and polished in the Final Fantasy Series,’ which admittedly won’t be hard, but a bold statement nonetheless.

Check out the trailer!


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