My (Now) Demon Soul

A couple of days ago, I posted this months Playstation Plus installments, one of which being Bandai Konamis Demon Souls and I promised that once I had a look at it, I would review it, so here goes! 

Where do I start?  I don’t know if I have mentioned before that I am a massive RPG fan, but I am, so I am heavily critical for them as it takes a something special to rock my world.  Demon Souls at first glance looked brilliant, especially at 3 years old, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but graphically, it is quite good.  The setting is a dark fantasy world and you spend the first 5 minutes battling a tutorial which eventually sees you through to a giant monster that murdered me in one swoop.  Having played Dark Souls, and finding the huge ogre at the beginning slightly challenging for a first boss, I was starting to wonder if I had to beat this thing.  Fortunately, I didn’t and straight to the Nexus I went.

The Nexus is basically HQ, somewhere to go back and forth between levels where there is a shop etc to purchase items with the currency of Demon Souls (see how they did that? With the name?  So clever).  I stepped into the first world fought a couple of monsters, died and went back to the beginning of the stage.  After a few attempts, getting a little further each time I was getting annoyed with going back to the beginning.  So early in a game, I am struggling already! What is this!  Maybe I’m tired.

So I slept on it.

The next day showed me the exact same routine, the killing and dieing.  Upon Googling this game (the done thing when your stuck, obviously) I found that this game is indeed one of the hardest ever made (maybe apart from Ninja Gaiden?) and that my struggle was nevertheless going to continue.  So my conclusion is….this game is HARD.  In fact, it’s so hard, it should come with a health warning and the more I play it the more I wonder if the sales for controllers went up when this game was released.  After a huge rage quit, I vowed to tackle this at a later date…

Aside from the difficulty, the game itself plays really well, the fluidity of the attack motions feel a lot smoother than other ‘Hack n Slash’ games, helped by an easy ‘Lock-On’ feature, especially when blocking.  As expected, their are countless weapons to choose from and over 20 spells to cast for all the mages out there.  Call me picky, but there were a few things I didn’t like about the game.  Throughout my experience,so far, I have not seen a single Save Point and pausing is actually impossible.  I press ‘Start’ and it brings up a menu but the game is still live, which is incredibly annoying if you need to do anything apart from play this game.  I also found that after dieing for the 100th time, my sword broke, and as I keep losing my souls when I die, I have no currency to either repair or buy another sword, this was later fixed by finding an ‘Unknown Soldiers Soul’ which can be traded for 200 souls, but these are limited to as far as you can travel, so there’s only so long it can go on for.

The equipment screen is confusing and I found it difficult to decide whether or not a sword I had just picked up was as good as the one I was holding.   Another feature is the ‘Online Function’ where you can see ‘the souls’ of the dead roaming around and messages they have left.  Essentially, these are other players ‘death ghosts’ and you can watch how they die.  Developers have claimed this feature was included to actually help you, but so far, all I have found is misleading information and footage of how to jump off a cliff.

There are some game mechanics that aren’t exactly ideal, but overall it’s a pretty good RPG if you can fathom the difficulty.  I think I will give this another go at a later stage, but ultimately, there are too many games in the world for me to become angry over one that I got for free.

Enjoy it….If you can!!!


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