My Fantasy Reborn

One of my favourite franchises of all time, hands down, no questions asked is Final Fantasy, developed by the absolute geniuses at Square Enix.

final fantasy original logo

Yes it’s true that this company has seen many a financial struggle, but when it comes down to it, Square Enix provide the most graphically rich worlds with almost unmatched imagination in its characters, monsters and most importantly its story telling.square enix

Just like millions of gamers, Final Fantasy has not only shaped the future of RPG’s, but of the longevity of Square Enix’ life as a company.  Back in 1987, developing games wasn’t as fruitful for Square as it is now and after many failed attempts, they decided to produce one more RPG, their Final Fantasy.  Now the series is Square Enix’ most important game franchise of all spanning 13 numbered titles along with countless spin-offs, sequels, remakes and don’t forget movies and merchandise such as toys etc.

On September 22nd 2010, Final Fantasy 14 Online was released, but with a lot of negative criticism even before the release date, mostly due to the fact that during the beta testing, there were so many critical bugs that the time actually spent testing it was greatly reduced, however, the game was released soon after.  Because of these criticisms and how badly broken the game was, Square Enix offered the game for free ‘to allow players to experience the game without committing to the billing.’  They subsequently didn’t start billing customers until the start of 2012 and in November of the same year, it was pulled and intended for relaunch as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.banner-realm

Now, I have complete faith in this game.  Despite its negative past, I believe that if Square Enix are willing to remake it instead of just cutting their losses and forgetting it ever happened, then they will put more effort into it this time…  At least I hope!

Due for relaunch on 27th August, a Realm Reborn will finally reach the PS3 and Final Fantasy lovers all around the world will be able to experience the completely new world that has been created.  With five races and plenty of ‘jobs’ to choose from, you will be able to build your character exactly how you like.  Check out the video below to check out some of the classes:

A Realm Reborn will also see the return of the limit break system which allows you to unleash powerful attacks.  But it is the battle system, as ever, that intrigues me the most:

The Battle system seems to be much like the one first seen in Final Fantasy 12, with monsters actively roaming the map as you walk around and the scene itself not changing to the ‘Random Battle Screen.’  Although the above video is PC platform, we can get the gist of the idea, although I would imagine the selection of actions will go back to the conventional ‘List’ format for Playstation as there probably isn’t enough buttons to create a hotlist that big.

As ever, the map will be huge and detailed to a high level and it is always a joy to see where the imaginations of Square Enix will take us and although the outline of the story has been released, I would prefer not to issue any spoilers as it wouldn’t be a quest if you knew it already 😉

Check out some of the scenery in the video below:

Well, I really cant wait for this game and I sincerely hope it works!  Enix have supposedly put a lot of effort into this remake so for all of our sake, it must be a success, so watch this space!


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