Playstation Plus Releases June 2013

This Months Playstation Plus Releases are Kingdoms Of Amalur: The Reckoning, Demon Souls and ICO/Shadow of The Colossus HD Collection.

Kingdom Of Amalur: Reckoning is a fun little action-adventure RPG brought to us by Big Huge Games and 38.Studios  I’ve actually played this before and aside from its huge amounts of quests filled with vast amounts of different types of enemies, graphically, the colours are extremely vivid and is probably one of the most pleasing games on the eye.  The characters skill tree is fair extensive too, with more than the standard ‘4 skills’ (assigned to each action button) this game allows you to pick and choose between a lot more, ranging from spells from the mage class, crushing blows from the warrior class, or quick stealth abilities from the assassin class.  The game has many connections to the Elder Scrolls Franchise, and although it isn’t quite as ‘epic’ or detailed, it still holds many great RPG elements and ultimately, doesn’t have the vast range of bugs that Skyrim holds for instance.

The next installment for the Instant game collection is what I would call Bandai Namcos response to Capcoms Dragons Dogma.  This is a game that I haven’t played as of yet, but at first glance it really does seem like a smoother running, more fluent action-RPG.  Whats more, you don’t spend the majority of the game running to and from Grand Soren!  I will release a full review of this game once I have had a chance to play it properly, but this game has been critically acclaimed and a sequel was later released so clearly a decent installment for the IGC.

 I see this more as an ‘Easter Egg’ for this months installment.  A release of a couple PS2 classics, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus- in HD!  I’m sure most have played either one of these, so enjoy !






Also currently available on PS+:







Playstation Plus Website


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